thin stone veneer

We use the most beautiful natural stone and our special technology to make thin stone sheets for you. Anywhere where high-quality stone is planned, but it has to be light in weight and easy to fit, thin stone can be used, whether it’s in hotels, new builds, older homes, private or commercial customers, small or large projects, aircraft, ships or elevators.

thin stone cladding

Thanks to our special process, we are able to produce thin stone sheets with a maximum size of 3.20 m x 2.00 m, without joints, on a very wide range of supporting materials, depending on the application.

The thin stone is highly elastic, robust and extremely resilient.

This means we are able to back-light natural stone with special carrier panels, or to make them appear transparent.

Select your very own natural stone and TUEREN-ART will produce your thin stone for your plans, in the size and quantity you want.