makers of unique stone doors

Innovation prize winners TUEREN-ART stone doors make front doors, interior doors, and sliding doors from natural stone and copper using a patented process – made in Germany. As inventors and designers, TUEREN ART stone doors guarantees unique features in design, function and durability and absolute perfection in manufacturing. Every door has its own unique appearance, and is an absolute one-off.

On the pages that follow, we will show you examples of the beauty and elegance of our products, as well as their variety and special character. We would love to talk to you about your ideas and wishes, so we can help you design and create your individual living space.

Stone front doors

Discover timeless elegance: Our natural stone doors perfectly blend aesthetics and durability. Thanks to our patented process, we effortlessly apply robust stone in various colors and patterns. Easy to maintain and resilient, they create unparalleled accents in any living style. Experience the fusion of nature and craftsmanship – true exclusivity in every door. Check out a small selection of references.

Copper Doors - Handcrafted Masterpieces


Every copper plate is meticulously embossed by us to bring individual motifs and creative ideas to life. The impressive variety in surface design ranges from a natural green patina to the characteristic red-brown coloring and elegant black. Our copper doors adapt flexibly to classic-traditional or modern-avant-garde styles, always preserving their unique brilliance. Welcome to the world of handcrafted copper art!

Ceramic Doors - Unrivaled Elegance and Endurance

More than just doors – our ceramic doors make a clear statement for style and longevity. With unparalleled hardness and resistance to wear, scratches, and impacts, they offer not only functionality but also timeless beauty. The maintenance-free surface creates an effective barrier against everyday strains, while the variety of motifs adds a stylish touch to any space. Experience years of flawless beauty without compromises. Welcome to a world where doors become works of art.


timeless aesthetics


each piece is unique


perfected longevity