You will find some frequently asked questions and their answers here.

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What does a natural stone or copper door weigh?

A natural stone door or a copper door does not weigh more than a conventional front door or interior door, and can be fitted in any property.

Can the stone sheet on the doors break or fall off?

No, the stone surface of our doors cannot break or fall off. Our patented process combines the aluminium door and the thin stone sheet with a mesh plate and is fitted floating over the whole surface, so that the natural stone cannot break or fall off.

How long does the manufacturing process for a natural stone door or copper door take?

Depending on the door, it takes six to eight weeks, from planning, to manufacture and delivery, to fitting your natural stone or copper door.

How much does a natural stone or copper door cost?

A natural stone or copper door costs at least €4,500. The final price of the product depends on the type of stone used, as well as the door equipment fitted.