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Innovation prize winners TUEREN-ART stone doors make front doors, interior doors, and sliding doors from natural stone and copper using a patented process – made in Germany. As inventors and designers, TUEREN ART stone doors guarantees unique features in design, function and durability and absolute perfection in manufacturing. Every door has its own unique appearance, and is an absolute one-off.

On the pages that follow, we will show you examples of the beauty and elegance of our products, as well as their variety and special character. We would love to talk to you about your ideas and wishes, so we can help you design and create your individual living space.

front doors

An exclusive front door makes particular demands on safety, function and heat insulation, as well as durability and design. As designers and developers,TUEREN-ART stone doors guarantees these properties with exclusive front doors made from natural stone.

Millions of years of geology go into every piece of natural stone and give our front doors a unique, exclusive character which becomes an expression of your personality. Our doors convey beauty and special value, and combine the highest level of aesthetic appeal and timeless, beautiful design. 

interior doors

Exclusive interior doors, apartment doors and designer doors don’t just bring spaces together, they bring people together. Every natural stone conveys beauty and elegance. We give you these properties combined with timeless design - with exclusive interior doors made from natural stone - unique in appearance and always a real one-off. Pass the character of the stone on to your room and express your personality.

TUEREN-ART stone doors design exclusive interior doors for you, using natural stone.


timeless aesthetics


each piece is unique


perfected longevity

sliding doors

Exclusive doors set the highest standards for durability and security, as well as function and design - as do sliding doors. As well as revolving doors as front doors and interior doors, TUEREN-ART can also offer sliding doors, as well as elevator doors. Sliding doors made from natural stone or copper have a unique appearance and combine aesthetic style with functionality.

We want to give every customer the right product, and so we design sliding doors in a very wide range of options, and a range of different design principles.

copper doors

Copper is a pure, natural product, which has come to exist over the course of millions of years on our earth. We use its very special properties to give you the option of creating copper doors with your very own design.

In a spirit of joint collaboration, we create interior doors, designer doors and front doors made of copper, designed to meet your individual wishes.

special solutions

Our decades of experience in making exclusive interior doors and front doors means we can not only guarantee the highest quality of copper and natural stone doors “Made in Germany”, we can also design special solutions for doors.

TUEREN-ART is happy to consider all our clients’ wishes, and we try to make perfect functionality and unique design a reality. There are practically no limits when it comes to form and design with regard to the manufacture of special solutions.

thin stone

From the most beautiful natural stones we produce with our special technology highly elastic, stable and extremely durable thin stone plates for you.


Pick your natural stone and we will make your thin stone in the desired quantity and size.



In our display, we show numerous examples of the beauty and variety of our natural stone and copper doors.

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